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All new Cinch!
pop-up living area

the heart of your campsite

We've been inspired by the way our customers use the Cinch, pitching their tents like circling wagons to create spaces that make the most of camping together.


The Cinch Pop-up Living Area is the centre spot of your camp - a superversatile lightweight structure with standing room, connectivity to up to 4 tents, solar power mounting, heat regulation, high-quality weatherproofing and LED lighting. A place to stretch out, relax and share some time. It pitches in seconds, makes a campsite a home and it'll change the way you camp.

With the connectivity of the full Cinch kit you'll be ready for any camping situation. A night in the woods? Pack the Cinch. A weekend with the kids? Pack the extended canopy. A week-long wilderness festival with the best pals money can buy? Connect your camp to the centre with the Cinch pop-up living area.

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The Cinch so far

We've been refining the Cinch since 2009 when creator Jake Jackson first imagined a better future for the pop-up: bigger, easier, kitted out with all the features of a high-spec dome tent and ready for the modern world.

Our 2016 campaign was our biggest yet, and saw the Cinch become an international phenomenon, funded in 15 minutes, in the top 0.1% of most funded campaigns of all time, collecting accolades from around the world and shipping to over 65 countries.

Easy to use, packed with features and with room to spare the Cinch helped families get camping again, kept couples dry in almighty storms and headlined major festivals around the world from Glastonbury to Burning Man.

With solar power integration keeping you online when you're offline and heat and light regulation taking the edge off those high-summer mornings, the Cinch was named the BBC's 'smartest tent' and the 2017/18 campaign is going to see it get a whole lot smarter.

From top to bottom, the tent is going to undergo over a dozen customerfocused design alterations - including a couple of real game-changers. The extended kit will be refined and strengthened and, with the new addition of the pop-up living area, the Cinch family will offer camping solutions for every eventuality.

We want you to be able to throw your kit in the car and take off for the unknown. To find out how we’re going to get you there, and about the gamechanger developments in store for 2017/18, sign up now.’


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