10 reasons to own a Cinch! pop-up tent

All too often, camping is about compromise. Size or speed; comfort or convenience; ease of living or ease of transport. Well here at Cinch! we decided we don’t want to compromise, and nor should you. Ever. That's why we've designed a tent with everything you need in one easy-to-carry, instant-pitch package.
Here are 10 reasons a Cinch! will revolutionise your camping adventures:

1. Solar power

You'll never again be stuck with an uncharged phone with our specially-designed, optional solar power pack. A solar panel fits to the roof of the tent, and a weatherproof cable attaches to a portable power bank that sits inside the tent. It has 13,000mA-h capacity, so it can charge an iPhone six times, and has two USB ports so you can power your speakers or other USB gadgets at the same time. The power bank is pocket-sized, so you can take it on the trail with you. The solar pack even charges in indirect sunlight, so you will always have your own power supply.

2. It's massive!

Our 2, 3 and 4-man tents are the largest in their class. The 4-man is the biggest pop-up tent in the world, with 6.2m2 of living space and a further 3.2m2 of storage space. You don't need to compromise on size and space for the convenience of a pop-up.

3. Comfort and durability

The Cinch! has all the features you'd normally expect from a high-spec dome tent. It's double-skinned to prevent condensation, has double-taped seams, and the fabric has a Hydrostatic Head (HH) rating of 4,000 – which is over three times the industry standard. The extra-thick groundsheet is sewn-in, and bathtub-shaped with 12,000HH fabric to keep moisture out.

4. Two entrances and instant ventilation

Each tent has two entrances with porches that double-up as storage bays, and their own canopy and pole kits. If the tent gets too hot, you can open up both doors for instant ventilation.

5. Keep cool with the heat-regulating black out canopy - Coming 2017

Tents have a tendency to absorb heat on hot days, which can be uncomfortable when you wake up on a stifling summer morning. Our optional heat-reflecting black out canopy is a radiant barrier that's made from highly-reflective material, so the sun's thermal energy just bounces off of it. The canopy folds into a small disc shape, so just unravel and attach it overnight or through the day – and your tent will stay cool and dark.
6. Side windows

Zip them up or down; roll-up the shutter or peg it out for additional ventilation; have a good nosey outside if you feel like it. The windows have sewn-in fly netting – so the only thing that gets in will be air.

7. Equipped for the dark

Each tent comes with four LED tent pegs and two LED torches that transform into lanterns and hang from the roof of the tent. You'll also get 20 light-reflective guylines, which will reflect light from the tent pegs and torches, and you'll always be able to find your tent at night. We'll throw in some luminous guylines too (coming 2017), which will emit a small amount of light even when no light source is shining on them.

Cinch LED torchCinch_led_tentpegs
8. Extend your living space by 75% - Coming 2017

What if you want to hang out around your tent, but still get shelter from the sun and rain? Our optional extended canopy can fit a family of four with a small table and chairs, and a cool box, and still have room to spare. It attaches to the tent entrance and extends your living space by another 75%. The extended canopy packs into a small bag, so you can take it away with you and erect a standalone shelter whenever you need.

Cinch extended canopy

9. Repairs & guarantee

Every tent comes with a small repair kit, to fix holes and poles in case you need to. We also provide a 12-month guarantee with every purchase.

10. Pitch and pack away in seconds

The Cinch! is a pop-up tent, so just unpack it, throw it up in the air, and peg it down. It pitches in seconds. It packs away in under a minute too, and there are clear instructions in the tent and on our YouTube channel so you can get the technique right. Everything packs down into a small disc-shaped rucksack – including the solar power pack and extra canopies.


  • Jasmine Tawhai on

    Great information! Put me on the list for the black out canopy!!!

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