5 Tips For Successful Camping

5 Camping Tips For Australian's By Long Time Campers Turned Tent Entrepreneurs!

You Will Love Our Cinch Tent Products, So Much So You Will Never Want Another Tent Again!

Cinch camping tips for Australians.

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1. Don't mess around with tents that take hours to put up.
2. Choose the right location to pitch your tent & remember where it is!
3. Be prepared to capture all of the fun, crazy videos, and special moments.
4. Don’t roast like a chicken in your tent!
5. And last but not least, having enough room to get decent night’s sleep!

Let’s be honest, when camping with your mates its going to go one of two ways…It’s either going to be horrendous from start to finish OR the fun just keeps rolling, lasts the whole trip, and you come back with stories to tell time and time again!

When the camping is so good, it’s real good. You and your friends will walk away thinking...

“That was awesome; I can’t wait for the next time we go away”

But when the camping is bad...it’s real bad. You’ll be lucky if they let you organise anything, let alone a trip away.

Experienced Camper and Camping Entrepreneur Jake Jackson says preparation is key for campers. His New Cinch line is amazingly advanced.

Most people think camping is just about throwing a few snags on the BBQ, then kicking back, relaxing, and sip a few beers. Sure, this is a huge part of the camping experience and is definitely not to be overlooked. But really you’re thinking...

“How do take my next trip up a notch?”

It all starts before you even get there!
Ever heard the saying ‘preparation is the key to success’?

Of course you have, and they weren’t lying when they said it. This will be the difference between an awesome trip and one you would much rather forget.

Here at Cinch! We have personally experienced (and seen) many of these mistakes in action and it’s ugly!

So...get your thinking cap on and weave in as many of our top five tips as possible into the planning of your next trip, do this and we assure you, you’ll be making memorable trips time and time again!!

5 Tips for excellent camping:

1. Don’t mess around with tents that take hours to put up!
When you’re camping time is often limited, so why use up this precious time getting tangled up in poles and guy lines?

Opt for something fast and efficient, quick and easy, like a pop-up tent, pops up in seconds allowing you to crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine so you can start the relaxing within minutes. Make sure you get your tent out, practice putting it up and putting it down, along with making sure you have all of the parts that go with it!

Here’s the deal: Putting a tent up can often lead to divorce, friend feuds, crying, or even mild tourette’s... that's no way to start a holiday, weekend away or festival! That’s why we created Cinch! Even worse when your putting it down. ;) SEE HOW EASY OUR TENTS PACK DOWN.

Cinch! packs down in seconds

Born in a field, with years of passion and love of camping and festivals all rolled into one tent. It’s not just the ease of our tents that make us different, it’s the high quality materials we use, the planning of space and ventilation, along with the tech additions and inclusions that come with our tents.

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It also comes packed tightly in an easy to carry bag, with the 2 man weighing in at about 7.5kg. That’s why it has quickly become the tent of favour for campers and festival goers alike.

Hear why Cinch! is the ultimate pop-up camping tent from founder Jake Jackson;

2. Choose the right location to pitch your tent & remember where it is!
Make sure you can find your tent when you head off for that walk to watch the sun set! When you roll up on day one, choose a camping spot near a landmark that will be visible as a silhouette in the dark – camp near a tree, a big pole or - even better – park yourself next to a neighbour with a tent that towers over the smaller ones.

Familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. Survey the scene around your tent for objects that mark out its location and memorise them.

Make your tent stands out! Now a Cinch! will always stand out because it’s so cool ;) But at night, navigating around your tent and finding it are key!


All of our tents come with 4 LED Tent Pegs, 2 Transformer Lanterns / Torches, and Light Reflective Guy Lines. Peg out the LED Tent Pegs and put them on in the early evening to light up your tent, take the torches with you so you can light your way on the walk back, and the light reflective guy lines will help you not to trip over them on the way back!

Established campsites usually have smooth, level surfaces with little or no vegetation which is great, but still take note, especially those who like to go off the beaten track!

Make sure you clear away any debris that could pierce or damage the floor e.g. pine cones, twigs, small rocks etc etc. These little blighters can also cause an uncomfortable night’s sleep, so even more reason to make sure the ground is clear! Avoid sleeping on top any uneven surfaces as low spots can collect runoff.

3. Be prepared to capture all of the fun, crazy videos, and special moments

Camping is all about being outdoors! When planning your trip you’ll have found great places to visit, along with things to do. Whether it’s a long walk or hike, swimming, water sports, exploring nature, fishing, wine tasting, or surfing (the list really is endless) you need your phone to capture photos and videos, along with staying connected just in case you need help.

Here at Cinch! We understand the needs of the modern world and our tents have been adapted to attach and secure our Cinch! Solar Packs to the roof of your tent!

At full capacity it’s 13000mah. The Cinch! Power Bank is compatible with mobile phones, MP3 players, MP4 players, PDAs, digital cameras, handheld game consoles, bluetooth devices , USB devices and much much more. CLICK HERE FOR FULL SPECIFICATION

4. Don’t roast like a chicken in your tent!

Good ventilation and regulating the heat of your tent is vital, especially in Australia! Hot summer days are what camping’s all about, right? Except when you wake up like a sous-vide carrot. Tents have a tendency to absorb heat from the sun, which gets trapped by the insulating fabric.

You need a good quality tent that can cope in all conditions, along with being fully waterproof!

In a Cinch! You can take advantage of not just one but two entrances! Meaning you can get more air circulating into your tent, and because it’s double skinned you don’t even need to be worried about mozzies or flies! There are also two windows (again with fly netting), and the Cinch! Ventilation System.

We have been busy developing some awesome new additions to our product range and are anticipated to be landing December / January!

The Heatand Light Regulating Canopy works as a radiant barrier – reflecting heat from the sun and keeping you cool inside your tent. Made from ultra-reflective material, the canopy fits over the roof of the tent. You can attach it through the day, or overnight to prepare for a cool morning lie-in. It then folds up into a small bag, which you can store in the pocket inside your tent.



Cook, eat or relax outside your tent whilst still sheltering from the sun and rain, with the extended canopy.
- Increases space by a further 75%
- Functions as a standalone shelter, so you can take it on the move
- Folds down into small bag for storage in the tent


    5. And last but not least, having enough room to get decent night’s sleep

    Everyone loves a good night sleep and there are a few basic things you can do to ensure you get the shut eye you need, with little or no disruption.

    Size matters! Make sure you have the right size tent, work out how many people will be sharing and how much each of you will bring / need to store. Our Cinch! Pop up tents are the largest 2,3, and 4 man pop up tents in the world, uniquely designed to provide you with the right amount of storage and sleeping space.

    What will you be sleeping on?
    Self-inflating foam pads, air pads, foam pads, or an air mattress? All have their own pro’s and cons, but match it to what you need. Is it speed and space or pure comfort? Remember if you are going to use an air mattress, make sure it will fit first and don’t forget your pump!!

    What will you be sleeping in?
    A good sleeping bag is also essential! Think about how you sleep, are you an active sleeper and need room to move around? If yes a sleeping pod could be the better option for you, or even a square sleeping bag. Mummy sleeping bags are also good as the bottom is tapered if you prefer to be warm, toasty and all rolled up.

    Extra sleeping equipment to also consider:
    - Pillows – A Little thing that will offer big comfort
    - Eyeshades – Very handy when sleeping
    - Earplugs – For blocking those nature sounds that can be quite uncomfortable for urbanites
    - Neck roll – Handy for napping

      Before bed preparation!
      Accept and enjoy your surroundings! Take time to listen to the sounds, the temperature, the feeling, and light and the dark, this stops your active mind as you will become familiar with them.

      Remove all traces of food from your tent! Collect every piece of rubbish and anything you might’ve spilled around. Don’t keep anything scented in the tent and don’t spit out toothpaste near it, or unwanted visitors might come knocking.

      Keep your sleeping area clutter free! Our Cinch! tents have two entrances, so one can be used to store all of your belongings and shoes, keeping them safe and dry! Enjoy the space, use the pockets for books, phones, and anything you need in easy reach, especially torches.


      As mentioned Cinch! supplies Trasformer Lanterns / Torches, so you can enjoy your living space when night sets in, protected from flies and mosquitos. Use them to then light the way for those evening trips to the rest room, it’s always worth checking out your route so you are familiar with it and don’t get lost in the night!

      Follow these rules and you’ll all wake up fresh and ready for the next day’s adventures. :)

      So, you’ve just heard our favourite tips for making your next camping/festival trip the best yet…

      So now it’s your time to start making these a reality...The first step?


      Just simply go to our store and see which one is right for you: VISIT THE STORE.


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