Cinch! Competition winner!

Look at that smile!! Here's our competition winner Amber.D who won after submitting her festival camping story (below).

Cinch! competition winner
Amber won a 2 Man Cinch! Pop up Tent and a Solar Pack - Congratulations Amber!

"Back in 2008 I decided to travel to Tenterfield with my then 1 year old daughter to attend Freakreation festival for 3 days of family fun! After driving for 8 hours, we arrived to see the road into the property was rather muddy, and involved driving over a bridge which crossed a raging creek. I enquired with the door staff about the condition of the road in and out and was assured that it was fine. So in we went!

Up went our dodgy tent on a dark and rainy night, filled with puddles. Perfect! 2 days in, the creek started to rise after exceptional rainfall in the area. The property was completely surrounded by creeks like an island. And an island it became. Hundreds and hundreds of revellers trapped at the festival with no way out! And I was stuck with a hyperactive 1 year old, dwindling food supplies and a soggy collapsing tent.

Cue the massive SES operation to helicopter in food, water, medication and nappies. That helicopter was the best distraction ever! After waiting for the creek to go down, six days later we finally made it out of the biggest mudfield I've ever seen at a festival with the help of bulldozers, tractors, and a huge number of volunteers towing out bogged vehicles.

Needless to say we didn't go back to that festival the next year, and we had to throw out the tent which was never the same again. My daughter really enjoyed watching the tv news reports on our family festival holiday!!!"

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