Cinch! Festival Survival Tips

Right… you’ve got your ticket, your Cinch! Pop-Up Tent and your besties – what now? Well we’ve consulted some of our favourite festival-heads and come up with a few, Festival Survival Tips to help you on your next adventure.

Cinch festival guide
DO Pack sunscreen, lots of sunscreen.

Sure, you’ve worked hard on your Festival Rig and you want to put it out there; but you’re not going to be able to party to your full potential if you’re a bright shade of ‘Backpacker Red’ by day two of the festival! So slather-on the SPF like it’s body butter. Because if there’s one thing worse than nasty festival sunburn – it’s rocking a nasty festival tan at the beach, for the rest of Summer.

02. DON’T Rock thongs.
It’s Summer. And Summer in Australia means thongs, right? Well not if you’re trying to rock-out at a Festival. Not only do most of our best festivals quickly turn to mud-pits at the slightest hint of rain, creating a gluggy black pit for your pluggers; but Cowboy Snakeskins are really in right now, and if you’ve ever copped the Cuban Heel of a cowboy boot, on your thong-donned foot – you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Cinch! festival guide
03. DO Pick a meeting place.
Fact: no matter how much you love your mates, you will lose them at some point during the festival. So before you hit the first act of the day, make sure you set a meeting point to head back to if any of your party-pack gets lost in the crowd. Try and pick somewhere shady, as the person waiting could be there a while. And, for the same reason, try and pick somewhere you can see the bands. The mixing desk is usually a safe bet, but wherever you choose – just make sure you choose early.

04. DON’T Glitter… just… just don’t.
I know, it feels so right at the time. You’re partying, the sun’s out and the world’s your oyster – so why not get the glitter out? Well, ask anyone who’s gone the glitter before, and they’ll tell you that they’re probably still cleaning the glitter out of their tent. Trust me on this: put… the glitter… down…

05. DO Stay hydrated (and no: booze doesn’t count).
As you’ll probably figure by the strong odors emanating from everyone around you, even by the end of day one; plenty of partying leads to plenty of sweating. Now all of that liquid needs to be replenished, or you’re going to dehydrate very quickly. And when you start to get a headache – it’s already too late (and you should definitely go and see the crew in the St. Johns tent); so make sure to keep the liquids up throughout the day, to ensure you don’t miss-out on any of the fun.

Cinch! Festival guide
06. DON’T Worry about how you look.
Okay, I get it – this is a great chance to capture some Instagram gold. But trust me on this: no one looks their best at a festival… not for long, anyway. As we touched-on in the previous tip, you are going to sweat… a lot. And while that make-up may list itself as smudge-free; it’s not festival-proof. So get comfortable with the fact that you are probably going to look like something the cat dragged-in, before it even gets dark.

Cinch! festival guide
07. DO Set-up your tent before you open the esky.
Even with the super-easy Cinch! Pop-Up tent, you still need a sober mind to pick the best spot and hammer-in your reflective guy-ropes. Strong winds and storms can come out of nowhere. So take the time to ensure you properly hammer-in all of your guy-ropes; which will ensure that if the weather turns - your tent will still be there when you return. Plus, you’re going to be so exhausted when you finally do return to your tent, that you won’t want to be faffing-about in the dark – you’ll only want to flop-in to your tent and pass out. Which brings us to our next point…

08. DON’T Forget your torch.
Come nightfall, the fields of tents back to your campsite quickly becomes a treacherous maze of guy-ropes and tent pegs. And while your Cinch! Pop-Up tent comes with handy, LED pegs and reflective guy-ropes; other tents don’t. So make sure you take your torch, even if you set-off when the sun is up.

Cinch! festival guide
DO Go nuts!
Remember, these are all just tips; not rules. So don’t forget to enjoy every moment. Being prepared is always a good idea, but in the end, anything can happen at a festival; and you can’t be prepared for all of it. So just stay hydrated, and keep smiling… just keep the hell away from that glitter.

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