A new perspective on packing up the Cinch!

Hi Guys, we just wanted to keep you up to date and let you know that we are currently working on a new film to illustrate just how easy our tents are to put down and pack away.

We decided we needed a new perspective on the process and wanted to give you more clarity, so we purchased a Xiro Explorer drone! The Xiro drone has enabled us to get up high and shoot the whole process from above so you can clearly see the simple step-by-step process.

In the new film Danielle demonstrates just how easy it is to put down and pack away the huge 4 person capacity tent and she's only 5ft 4"!

We are currently working on the edit so please keep an eye out for the new film coming very soon.

In the meantime here's a few stills from the shoot:

Our new Xiro drone. :)

From above - see how huge the tent is!

Packing down the Cinch! - The 'S' shape.

Hovering over the lake looking back.




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