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Extended Canopy update!

Happy New Year everyone! So here's a look at the development of the Extended Canopy. You will notice it's not currently branded and the colourway isn't correct, but we've have been out and about testing this new kit and it's amazing!
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How to care for your Cinch!

Showing your Cinch! some TLC will more than repay you in the long run. You look after it and it will look after you, with many years of camping trips together.

We have pulled together a list of best practice hints and tips...

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10 reasons to own a Cinch! pop-up tent

All too often, camping is about compromise. Size or speed; comfort or convenience; ease of living or ease of transport. Well here at Cinch! we decided we don’t want to compromise, and nor should you. Ever...
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Extended canopy? We've got it covered!

We've finalised the design of our extended canopies now. We think they're looking pretty cool, what do you think? You can almost double the size of your tent in a couple of minutes if you wish. Take a look and let us know what you think below...

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The all new Cinch! power bank!

Sneak peak of the new power bank we have developed for the next gen Solar Pack. This little beauty will now charge two devices at once and has a mighty 13000mah battery, over 3 x as powerful as the last gen but still in a very compact.
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Guided tour of the Cinch! pop up tent

Want to know why we developed this awesome product? Hear from Jake, our good friend and founder of Cinch! pop up tents. In this video he walks through what inspired him, along with a guide to some of the top features.... enjoy

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Fancy a Camo Cinch!?

Well hello there campers, we hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend! Whilst briefly back in the UK we managed to get some shots of this one off, camouflage, Cinch Pop Up Tent. We are thinking of producing a small number of these as a limited edition, but who better to ask than you lot!

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