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Six years in the making. A lifetime of dreaming. You, our customers, have brought the ultimate pop-up tent to life.

Born in a field in 2009, CINCH! is the creation of Jake Jackson – a lifelong camper whose thwarted quests to find the right tent for festivals and weekends in the wilderness led him to his own workshop. Jake’s vision was ambitious yet simple: a tent should make camping fun, easy and cheap – not suck away your time, money and sanity.

We say CINCH! is the ultimate pop-up tent – and it’s a claim we don’t make lightly. Years of testing, refinements and customer feedback have shaped the product we have today; and we will never stop making it better.

We produced CINCH! in small runs until 2014, when we launched our first Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to our intrepid backers, we doubled our target and became the most successful camping project ever on Kickstarter in the UK. We fulfilled our orders on time and went straight back to work on improving CINCH! even further.

During the 2015 Kickstarter campaign to raise money to develop the Cinch! Australian campers loved the idea so much many were happy to pay as much for delivery as they were for the tent itself. In response, the tent was modified for warmer climates and now Cinch! Australia has been formed to make sure Aussie’s don’t miss out on this camping revolution.

We now deliver CINCH! to customers all over the world. We have operations in Lancaster in the UK, a distribution centre in USA and now to fulfill the demand throughout APAC we are situated in Sydney, Australia!

Cinch! the ultimate pop up tent

Created in the fells of the Lake District in the UK and further developed for the warmer climates of Australia and New Zealand. Whether on a bike or on foot, caked in mud at a music festival or just a quiet family weekend away, CINCH! is the ultimate pop up tent for all your needs.

CINCH! tents are big enough for 2, 3 and 4 person capacities, with two doors and loads of extra storage. CINCH! pop up tents pack top quality features and technology with total convenience. Pitch up and pack them away in seconds... and make time to camp your way without the fuss.

The ultimate pop-up tent is now available to order! Made by campers for campers, CINCH! packs all the features of a top-of-the-range dome tent into a quick and easy pop-up. Bigger than any other pop-up tent on the market, and tech-enhanced to give you your own power supply. We make tents in 2-, 3- and 4-man sizes. Each is the largest in its class, and our 4-man is the biggest pop-up tent on the market. Our tents pack down into disc-shaped rucksacks with all of the kit, including the optional solar power pack.

The latest models are now available to Australia and New Zealand before anyone else in the world - Don’t miss out!

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