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Cinch Pop Up Tents PTY LTD
Purchased before 01 May 2017 Cinch! 2016/17 model
Purchased After 01 May 2017 Cinch! 2017/18 model

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Extended canopy


We’ve added an extended canopy that increases
the living space a further 75%, so you can cook,
eat or relax outside your tent whilst still
sheltering from the sun and rain.

* The Cinch! Extended canopy is sold separately.
The canopy is designed specifically to be fitted to the end of the Cinch! tents.

Why is it so great?

Light and simple - the extended canopy has the best space to weight ratio in
our range. It packs down into a small case weighing less than 2.7 kilograms
and covers a large space when opened. Best of all It also functions as a
standalone shelter, so you can take it anywhere you like and use as a free
standing shelter!

Extends your living space by
at least 75%

Fully waterpoof

Neatly packs away

Weighs less than 2.7kg

Extended Canopy sizes

4 Man Extended Canopy
Sizes: Length 2.73m. Width 2.68m. Height 1.64m.
Weight: 2.7kg approx

3 Man Extended Canopy
Sizes: Length 2.48m. Width 2.33m. Height 1.48m.
Weight: 2.3kg approx

2 Man Extended Canopy
Sizes: Length 2.16m. Width 2.16m. Height 1.28m.
Weight: 2kg approx

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