Heat & Light Regulating Canopy

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Purchased before 01 May 2017 Cinch! 2016/17 model
Purchased After 01 May 2017 Cinch! 2017/18 model

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Heat & Light Regulating Canopy


Hot summer days are what camping’s all about,
right? Except when you wake up like a sous-vide
carrot. Tents have a tendency to absorb heat from
the sun, which gets trapped by the insulating
fabric. Great for those who like it hot – but not so
much for others.

Why is it so great?

Our optional heat-regulating blackout canopy works as a radiant barrier –
reflecting heat from the sun and keeping you cool inside your tent. Made
from ultra-reflective material, the canopy fits over the roof of the tent. You
can attach it through the day, or overnight to prepare for a cool morning
lie-in. It then folds up into a small disc, which you can store in the pocket
inside your tent.

Heat reflective to
keep you cool

Light reflective to
keep it dark

Neatly packs away

Easy to store inside your tent

* The Cinch! Blackout canopy is sold separately.
The canopy is designed specifically to be fitted to the top of the Cinch! tents.

Heat & Light Canopy sizes

4 Man Heat & Light Regulating Canopy
Sizes: Length 4.42m. Width 1.44m
Weight: 0.64kg approx

3 Man Heat & Light Regulating Canopy
Sizes: Length 4m. Width 1.38m.
Weight: 0.56kg approx

2 Man Heat & Light Regulating Canopy
Sizes: Length 3.3m. Width 1.3m.
Weight: 0.46kg approx

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